Friday, July 09, 2010

With your James Dean glossy eyes

Right now I'm listening to Gaga and cleaning my room... sound like fun huh? Tomorrow I'm going to work the whole day waitering at a wedding and during the time I'm away, my second family from Brussels is coming to stay with us for a week (so no time to clean tomorrow). Those of you who followed my old blog know that I stayed in Brussels for 3 weeks to visit the European Parliment, interview politicians, etc. During that time I stayed at our english speaking friends house and they became like a second family to me. Those are the people that are coming tomorrow (and their dog Scamp too)! That's the main reason why I'm cleaning my room and boy it really does need some cleaning and to be reorganized!.. S.


  1. HejjSvejjs :3
    Jättefin blogg, kolla in hos mej, kommentera o följ :D<3



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