Friday, August 06, 2010

Spend, spent, spent

Okey... for those of you who ARE interested to know what I've been spending my money on this week, here's a list: Thaimassage (my butt still hurts), 2 pairs of shoes, espresso cups, a LED (?) Tv, a blueray player, some HDMI cables (for Mac you need more than one... obviously) and a whole new set of running wear. Now I'm ready to start my new (and healthy) life in Jkp... I think? But right now it's time to go and show my bed some loove. Sleep tight, S.

DS. I'll show you the important things- read the shoes- tomorrow. xo


  1. gud va kul :D
    lycka till med allt nu och ta hand om dig! <3
    kramar ifrån en annan sara :D

  2. Sv: Tack så jättemycket Sara och detsamma! Hoppas vi hinner ses den 21:a! Jobbar den dagen men ska försöka hinna komma förbi en sväng innan sängdags :) <3


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