Tuesday, October 05, 2010


My new favourite lip- accessory; Devil from Make Up Store.

Hey Guys! I just tried to make a video- blog, thingie but it ended up in disaster... so I guess that is not really my thing or maybe just not yet. I have had a lot to do with school so that is why you have not heard from me, but I guess the most of you already had figure that out. Tonight I am going to have a little break and go out on a mingle night at a café nearby. I had an early morning (06.06) so I guess I will have to go to bed quite early tonight, if I don't want to be completely dead tomorrow at the lecture. I only have the business report left for today and then I am going to bring out the flat iron cause right know the curls are pointing in all kinds of directions. Toodels, S.


  1. sv: Jaaa :D Jag har sett säsong 1 med. Nya avsnitt kommer ju inte för än i januari, jag längtar :D

    Grymt snyggt läppstift med, är det jätte glansigt eller matt? Har vart på jakt efter ett i den där färgen, som ska vara matt eller halvmatt.


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