Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some new colours

Poncho/cape; Asos Africa

Ring; House Of Harlow, Cushion; Etol

Necklace; H&M, Nailpolish; Isadora- In the army and ashes to ashes

As promised here's the update. I got my order from Asos today so I felt it was suiting. Except the ring that I already  told you about I also bought a poncho/cape, this one is from Asos africa. It's really a dream and so warm to wear. Much needed here in the cold! The other things is a result of living in the city... not good for a shopaholic. I went to A6 (ex. military base, present shopping mall) with Em. and found the necklace and the nailpolish at H&M. I couldn't leave the shopping trip without the cushion/-s on the pictures... somewhat too expensive but I bought them as a; great-job-on-the-exam-gift to myself. The bracelet is from a boutique in town, kind of autumy and cute... But my biggest priority, when it comes to shopping, recently has not been about something to wear... nowadays I'm transforming into a interior freak. My days are about what colour I'm going to paint my bed-wall (thinking soft grey?), what cushions, light, lamps, blankets to buy where I should place my tree and paintings etc. I'm not really finished with my room yet... so to speak. But now when I'm having a really loong week- end I'm hoping to get some things done. Toodels, S.

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