Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Broken promise

I actually promised myself not to shop anything more this month but my sister wanted me to join her downtown... et voila, I came home with a new scarf (the pic). But... I actually needed this one (on repeat in my head). I'm still struggling with my cold and my throat hurts a bit aswell, so this may be a solution. While taking this pic I also realized that I really should pay a visit @ the hairdresser. It feels like I'm wearing a hat 24/7 and I can't even fit my head into one, not normally either but any way... Before I leave for some serious studying, I just have to tell you about the latest additions in Jönköping. We now have... a brand new H&M store, Deichmann's sko (shoes), New Yorker (just saw it today!!), Monki and soon we'll also have Zara. Isn't that great? Not for my wallet but still great! Now, some accounting lab, S.

Ds. The scarf is from Monki.


  1. Hehe tack så mycket! Btw, Jävlar vilket fint hår du har!!! Avundsjuk.. :D

  2. sv; Jaa visst är den blå underbart snygg :P vill också ha den :P
    Härligt, det är bara bra med mig lite trött bara,
    borde typ gå och lägga mig nu :P . Göra i helgen?
    Kramar <3


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