Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hit me like bang

On top of the wishlist! L.O.V.E
Toodelo loved ones! A small update from my busy college life... I passed my first exam/ course and got a B, yeye! I'm so happy about that. But the other courses have already started so I'm back where I were 2 months ago... wondering what all my notes mean? Well well one step at a time, right? Except attending lectures and seminars I'm attending something else tonight... a sleep over. Emilia's and my "singel-week", as we call it, is officially over in about 48 hours... and we have quite many flies left to kill. Another thing I'm also attending is the Winter Banquet, in about two weeks. Really looking forward to that one! As I said a small update, now I really have to get up and running, load my bag with clothes and gather the fruit. So long, S.

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