Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back your basics

Love this basic top with the dip back effect and and the showing of the back. It will be a part of my next order from Asos... But that's not going to happen this month. Too many "back to the university lifestyle" things to buy... and I've already done some shopping, yesterday. What I bought I'll show you tomorrow because I said (big mistake) that it was okey for the carpenters to come early tomorrow... he kept out the "time" part in the question... so 6.30 they will be moving windows and doors in the apartment. So rise and shine at 6 for me! Don't want to look like a goblin when they open the door. It's kind of my look in the morning, I'm such a morning person! xo S.


  1. Wow I also really really love these! Will be checking out their site asap!


  2. sv; åh ja det är den verkligen! jag längtar som en tok! :}


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