Monday, February 07, 2011

You can't take me

I'm taking a break from cleaning my room and studying right now... and listening to this song playing in the background of the mess from yesterday. I remember how much I loved "Spirit" the first time a saw it and especially the songs in the movie. It's one of my favourite animated movies, alongside with The Lion King and Bambi. But enough of the movie talk. I really should get some sleep becuase I didn't get that this weekend when sis hosted a pre and after-party in the apartment. But the fact that I had a lot of fun compensates with that, I guess. A "no I'm not going out" changed to "waiiit for me" and ended up with going to sleep at 7 in the morning. So guess I should get ready for bed and keep up the "good" work, with the cleaning-part, after the lecture "yawn" tomorrow. I'm just going to play the song one more time... Good night lovelies, S.


  1. cute post!!!
    your style is great!
    xoxo =D

  2. Usch, har aldrig vågat se den filmen, den verkar så himla sorglig ju! Jag pallar inte kombinationen djur+sorglig haha :P /Emilia :P

  3. håller verkligen med dig! :)


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