Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passed weekend

I absolutely love this picture... there's something about it, I can't really put my finger on it...

Teamwork-> fur cleaning, Aren't they cute?

Well deserved "fika". The cosiest barn-café I've ever seen.

After a hardcore Friday night... Emilia and I left for Gothenburg, seriously the worst bustrip ever... We spent one day shopping (spent more money on food that day) and then we spent the other day relaxing and rehabilitating from the previous exhausting weeks of studies and exams. I didn't bring the camera along during the shopping spree but I did bring it during our 2 hour long walk. Two hours after the photos were taken everything was covered with snow... amazing how fast the weather can switch!

I actually  told Emilia right before we left that I would not, during any circumstances, buy another black dress... and look at me now... couldn't help it. But I actually had a 50 SEK check and I got the dress for only 149 sek. Not too bad. And I really needed (wanted) a new waist-belt so I bought one at Zara (I've bought one from Zara before that I use (almost  abusively) ALL the time, love their belts!). The bracelet which is made of beans, I found in an Indian boutique as well as the necklaces! Going to be great in the summer paired with bikinis, dresses, casual jeans shorts and tanks!

Hope you are all well, wherever you are in the world! :) xo Sara

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