Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bleaching to the beach

One more photo booth picture of me, yeye! Really bad lighting though but just to show you how blondish I've gotten. Look at the long lock to the right, that's more how it looks not all over but where I've used the spray so far. I'm wow:ed!

Yesterday I went to a second hand store with Emilia, called "Eriks hjälpen". I didn't mean to buy anything but... ended up with a full bag of stuff. Except second hand things I also bought chamomile spray to bleach my hair. I have to say, it really works!! If you want to get blonder you really should try it! In Sweden you can buy it at Life and otherwise I guess you can find it anywhere just by googeling it. What I've read and heard about it, it should also be one of the least abrasive methods of bleaching your hair. Especially if you have curly and really dry hair, like me, I think it is a great substitute to normal bleach and highlights. So far it doesn't look yellow either, it gives more of a golden tone, which is great as well. I'll keep you posted of the process ;) Now- Sleep. Tomorrow- Marketing lecture, S.

Ds. I'll make a post of the second hand things I bought tomorrow!

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  1. I really love your blog!


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