Wednesday, April 20, 2011


H&M shorts and bracelets

Make-up, rose bronzer and eye shadow, lip and eye care from Oriflame -> Love!

Just in time for Easter and I get sick... great! But at least I have time to update my blog with some pics :) I haven't been out shopping as much this month though. So I'll just show you some of the latest things I've got. Except those things I've bought a lot of flowers but I've killed like all of them... yes, I'm a flower killer. Instead of taking care of them I gave them up (in desperation) to my sister so now, those that are left, is doing really well. Happy ending after all :) I got some counseling from Emilia and currently ended up buying some- cactus looking- non cactus- plants. So far it's looking good- fingers crossed, S.

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