Sunday, June 05, 2011

Packing for summer

Had my last exam for the semester today. It feels so great to finally have a break from the universtity and have time to spend some quality time with the family and my friends back home. I'm leaving for the sea-side tomorrow so I spent my last day with my sister and went shopping. What I bought I'll show you tomorrow because right now my room looks like .... and my bags are unpacked... Lucky me, the night is young. Meanwhile I'll treat you guys with a song that I've been playing 24/7 since yesterday. My sister is soo tired of me and is repeatedly giving me the evil eye when she hears it, haha It is not the best song I've heard but I can't help to like it. And the fact that it is Ryan Gosling who sings is just... *no words for it*. The man is everything a man should be and after seeing The Note Book you can't help to love him, right? Just because I've had a major Ryan Gosling week I'm going to end this day with watching Half Nelson while packing. Sleep tight, S.

And just for fun... some more Ryan Gosling here, here and here.

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