Sunday, July 24, 2011

Perfect equipment

How much more perfect can it get? I'd love to have this bag! No more stress and panicking when it comes to what I'm going to take with me and when it comes to finding things in the bag (especially when I can't find my keys and phone, but who doesn't?). Unfortunately I don't know where to find it but I know that Smythson has a similar wallet in their Travel collection. If somebody know where it's from please tell me in the comments below. x S.

Update: I found it! It's from the D&G 2011 Cruise collection.


  1. How creative! Great blog you have. I'm clearly a stalker. Kisses

  2. LOVE it!!! such a gorgeous design and color! x

    Haute and Fierce

  3. Such a cool bag! Perfect for someone who is really organized!


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