Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two wonderful weeks in beloved Italy

Hello my lovely readers! I hope that you haven't given up your hope on me, I'm still here, tanned and I have more energy than ever! The trip to Italy was so relaxing for me. I haven't been there in two years time so my abstinence we don't even have to talk about. Normally me and my family go there two times a year and because of studies etc. I haven't been able to go. As always I had the greatest time, shopping, meeting up with friends, drinking wine, eating the food and ice-cream (gosh I've missed it!), walking around in countless small villages just breathing in the culture and surroundings, meeting new wonderful people, relaxing at the beach- existing. My Italian is quite (more like really) poor and like every time I damn myself for not learning the language better. But, till next time, I will, can't wait!

Have you been/ will you travel this summer? x S.

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  1. Hi!where were you in Italy?i'm italian girl...;)

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