Monday, September 05, 2011

A big mess of everything



Back in Jkp for the second year of my studies at the University. It truly feels like the summer went by too fast this time, almost like it goes faster every year... I've already been here for two weeks(?) which feels like more and except for the new courses, that started last week, I took some time to go around town to see what was left of the summer sales. But enough said, I think it is better to go through the pictures and you'll get the bigger picture of my time.

1. As you may know, I bought 2 vintage Agfa cameras, 100 SEK each (incred!!). I'm currently using just one, thinking about selling the other one, can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!

2. The best Mama in the world, always makes the best B-day cakes! This year's --> in the pic. YUM!

3. One of my presents which I got from Mom and Dad, Michael K in silver & gold. My new everyday favourite, better pictures will come!

4. Back in Jkp I met up with the girls for some serious Overall pimping (Ulla is my a.k.a)

5. 6. After 3 days of intense Kick-off with the new zeros, a quick escape home to celebrate my baby brother, my siss and I had a big (fatty- fatty) craving and really relaxing week-end loaded with B-J's and TB- updates.

7. Then after some refreshness I went out shop observin, love the leo ballerinas at New House!

8. I didn't make it... guess observing is not really my thing. I re-purchased my first ever B-shop product which I've been using since I was 14ish, but I always seem to forget to buy it... alzheimer light^^

9.Våran Kåk is one of the best boutiques in Jkp. I bought the Marc O'Polo, shirt dress, at the 75% sale, guess who walked home with a big happy smile?

10. Last but not least I've (like everyone else) fallen deeply for the Morrocan oil. My hair has never been this soft!

I actually have one last thing to share and that is the band I've been obsessing over for the past weeks- Foster the people.

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  1. Wow, that cake looks amazing! Also loving those leopard print ballerina flats. Great photos xx


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