Friday, December 02, 2011

Pictures from my phone

Wouldn't say no to live like this. Once lived by the sea- always by the sea.
Don't think I really have to write any explanation here (!!!!!!!)... My favourite picture of Ryan.
One perfect laptop bag
Been loving eye-liner lately, especially the "half-eye" kind of style (don't know the correct word for it...). My eyes gets so small when I do the whole upper eyelid so this is def. something I'm sticking with! 

Their new album is currently on repeat! Bronze radio return (just the name?)- amazing band. Broken ocean is another great song, if you like this one.
Feathers, feathers, feathers...
Inlove with this outfit! A bit chilly to wear in Sweden... unfortunetly... I'll have to settle with stacking my bracelets on my sleeves, for now.

x S.

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! It really means a lot to get feedback from you, on what you like and what your thoughts are! It makes it a lot more fun to blog. Having my exam weeks coming up (nooo!?)... so yeah, you'll know what's to come... I'll try to make updates from my phone and if you miss me you'll find me one click away on Twitter! Lots of love, S.

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  1. Sv:
    Jaa, den resan var helt otrolig! Blev förälskad i Kuala Lumpur :D Kommer upp 6 resor till också från 2011 från blandannat Bali, New York och Monaco också :)

    Sista bilden = Snyggt!


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