Friday, February 17, 2012

Having an all-nighter

Monkey-face kisses
I've had such a hectic week and tomorrow is my last exam for this month, yeye! I'm reeeeally looking forward to this weekend. Together with one of my very dear friends I've actually started a band... it started as a joke (read. a late night with too much coffee)... and with that in consideration the name of the band is also... quite... special^^ haha But then Caroline and I are kind of weird and special as well nevertheless our humor is. You'll get to know the name sooner or later don't worry. Any way this weekend will be spent locked up in Caroline's appartment with a guitare, pen, paper and a horror movie. What will all of you be doing this weekend? xo S.


  1. love it!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I remember nights like this, best of luck in your exam!


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