Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Merci, tack, thank you, danke

Tried to make a "blowing a kiss" picture but it just looked so wrong... soo wrong...
Hello lovelies! Just wanted to make this post to thank all of my followers and readers for following and supporting me with comments and precious words. You are what makes blogging fun and inspirational. Checking my blog is the first thing I do and last thing I do every day (and xx times in between) but yes I have a life outside the blogosphere as well :) So yes, once again danke, tack, merci - thank you all for following and responding to what I have to say ♥ Hope you all will continue to like and respond to what I post on my blog! xo Sara Inga Catrin.


  1. You're gorgeous! In Portugal is kinda cold too but not that cold ahah.
    A very cold temperature for us it's like -2ºC!

    1. Thank you so much sweetie! haha -2 is what we have during the day, on a good & sunny say that is, right now it is -14 ... brrr!! Freezing and windy, x S.


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