Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wollibolli Dewitt

Keegan DeWitt - Reluctance from Roosevelt Johnson Productions on Vimeo.

Okey so I got my headphones the other day and I'm in love! Great sound, loving the colour and despite that I look like an alien with tentacles on my head they are simply great and wonderful! Another thing I purchased when I got them is Spotify Premium, just to get an email the next day with free premium for 30 days... well well... I gave it to my sister so now she is happy :) If you haven't got Spotify Premium yet I higly recommend it, such a freedom! Finally I can listen to all of my favourite music again. I have a tendency to put all of my favourites on repeat and... if you have the free version you can only listen to the same track like 5 times or something. I made a new playlist this week as well so if you want to check it out, here is Lite Wolli lite Bolli. Enjoy and toodels,  xS.


  1. Spotify Premium is great invention :D

    Love your blog, following now! Hope u follow back :)


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