Saturday, March 03, 2012

Classy rain

Source: Campadre
Just ordered the most classy and lady like looking rain jacket I've ever seen, Manhattan Black by Hedgie. I actually got 55 % off because of the brilliant site Campadre (love that site!!). I've been so bad lately, shopping away like it's my hobby... cause it is, but still... not okey. You haven't even seen half of it here on the blog. This purchase was really needed though, because it is constantly raining where I live and it is windy like crazy, which does not give you many options when it comes to what to wear out-doors. And I'm really tired of the sporty looking rain-wind jackets with their boxy-A-shape. Nothing wrong with them but it is nice to have a jacket that you can wear during rainy days while out walking, to and from school/ work and still look nice. In other words the perfect all-round jacket. x S.

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