Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gem and mineral fair and shopping in Gothenburg

This Saturday Emilia and I decided to go to Gothenburg to attend the 22:nd international gem and mineral fair. I mainly wanted to go because I'm planning to start up my own business and make my own jewellery some day so this fair was something I definitely did not want to miss. I was actually really impressed by the fair and felt like a kid in a candy store, stones have always been kind of my thing. Even as a kid I collected them, treated them like treasures along with my pocket knives while I filled my wallet with buttons... I know I was a bit weird, haha Anyway hope you've all had a nice weekend x S.
First stop was at Espresso house to get some Chai for the trip.

The following is just a fraction of what you could find at the fair. There was everything from tools to fossils to oriental jewellery.




After a couple of hours at the fair we went in to the city center to walk around and get inspired. Both Emilia and I are moving into new apartments this summer so we went to one of my favourite interior stores, Chilli. They have great modern meets french farm meets navy pieces.
Emilia is originally from Gothenburg so for lunch she brought me to a place where they served giant (huge!) Swedish meatballs with brown sauce, mash, lingonberry jam and mustard (Emilia's tradition).
I'm not a big fan of Yankee candle but this one smells soo good and not as toxically strong as many of the others! This is just one of the many things I've added on to my wishlist for the new apartment
Before going home we treated ourselves with a glas of wine and an amazing ravioli at Bee. Not bad to have dinner outdoors 18.30 in the middle of April.
So for you who are wondering what I bought at the fair and during our 8 hour (yes 8!) shopping spree, you'll find it below. I'm definately going to attend the fair next year again, but then I will prepare and bring a list of things to look for. Emilia bought an aquamarine which I'm going to make into a ring. The funny and weird thing is that the pyrite that I got and Emilia's aquamarine are connected to our zodiacs... So out of all stones and gems at the fair we chose those two, what are the odds of that?
A smaller rock crystal for 10 SEK
My Love also called Fools' gold or Pyrite. This one is from Bulgaria and is a Pyrite on Galen and Sphalerite, if anyone is interested and wants to know :) It is so shiny and golden and beautiful, lovelovelove!
And who does not like turquoise? I have always been fascinated by them and I couldn't resist to get one. This one will make a perfect ring for summer.
These are my new Cat-eye/ wayfarer sunnies perfect for my round face shape, thumbs up for that and the leo scarf is from Zara.

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