Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Inspiration, shades and feelings of spring

Love these!
It is actually sad how bad we are at writing and by writing I mean hand-written letters nowadays. I really have to start doing it again cause I actually miss it + it will make someone else really happy... something to think about!
Time to start wearing everything sheer and flowy (love flowy!)
This is soo clever and romantic!
Spring= Sun= Flowers= Happy faces
I want a dozen of these in different lengths, a petal/ azure blue colored bikini, sun bleached wavy long hair and bronzed skin, and a vaca somewhere warm- thank you!
I desperately need to pimp my Iphone... black is just too booring for spring. From; http://society6.com

I simply can't get over this sign. It's just something about that quote...
And just because this song was one of my favourites from last week I simply have to share it with you. It is just so beautifully made, but enough said, just listen. x S.


  1. cute!!!


  2. great pics. Love the sunnies! :)

  3. eyes candy, thanks, I am your old follower, pls visit my blog, maybe follow back


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