Monday, August 27, 2012

Ocean 21

Picture from this summer while out in the boat #Hallandsväderö
One of the bracelets I made this week

Once again, long time no see! These past few weeks I have tried to enjoy what's left of the summer, which in Sweden means dancing in the rain, literally... I celebrated my 21st birthday just about or a little more than a week ago, almost 2 now, the time flies by SO fast! Before and after that I had some exams that I needed to take care of, and now there is only the wait left, which is the worst part of it. But in between I took some extra time to spend down at the west coast at my parents house, it always seems to be a little bit warmer and sunnier than the rest of Sweden. Today was my last day here before I'm going back to Uni again. Feels sad to leave this beautiful place. While sitting here I can here the ocean as well as see it when light up by the thunder and rain. The word Home... it is quite hard to put your finger on? I like to think of it as not just a place but a sense, a sense of belonging or inspiration. When I think of home I do not see the house I grew up in, even though I love it, nor the neighbourhood. When I think of home I hear the ocean, the wind and the waves breaking onto the beach and I know that regardless of where I might end up in the world I will always have the ocean and I will always be able to turn to it if I feel lost or displaced. The first thing on my list when I was choosing among the different Universities, was to have some sort of water around, preferably the ocean. When I moved I did not get the ocean but what I did get was a lake, which is cold all year around and a city that is always windy and rainy, haha. But I do love it there anyway. I have the most amazing friends, even though half of them have left for exchange, I do feel inspired and I do feel at home when I am there, but not as at home as I feel here, with the ocean at my doorstep and my family which is my biggest inpiration of them all. Gosh... this almost feels like a love letter, haha and this will turn out way too long for anyone to read but Dad, I know you will read it, haha and I love you for it, my biggest supporter!

So... one night left at home, in my big size bed and mama poofed pillows... the clock is already passed 12 so with no further delay I will call it a night, sleep tight, x S.

Oh and before I forget and if you're not following me on Instagram (Saraicg) I have been creatively inspired in my jewlery making lately. I will make a post about it when I get back to Uni and when I get everything in order... it still looks like a WW has been taken place in the apartment... So update on that later.

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