Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Hustle Baby

Got my order from today. I was surprised by how many different brands they have, a lot of them you usually can't  find in Sweden. And well I kind of lost it while discovering all that candy. So my order contained 4 hydracolor lip balms from Deborah (only 40 kr a piece!), been looking for ages and have only heard great things about them and now I'm addicted. Great pigmentation and leaves your lips super soft. A must for me during autumn/ winter time. Along with the 2 lipsticks from the N'7 and Poppy King collaboration I got a free gift which was a cute little pouch (very chloé looking) with N'7 products and samples. I really love the idea of these lipsticks and if you don't know I will post the link to the video here! I got the colors Power and Intrigue. But the most exciting thing in this little box was for me, my first Real Techniques brush!! Like the youtube geek I am I could not wait to try it so now, right before bed, I'm wearing a whole face of make up... haha well well once again I got carried away and the brush truly was as great as all the beauty gurus have been saying. So now I will be having a great night's sleep but first I have to remove my make up, again.

The best ice cream in town, melon & lemon YUM!
My neighbour and band mate Caroline and I have been going to the market every weekend. I love flowers and plants but the only problem is that I always end up killing them... in some mysterious way... so this time I went for some of the fresh cut ones, and now I don't have to feel that bad when they die^^haha at least it won't be entirely my fault
One of the many things in my 30 sqm apartment is my great grandmother's sewing machine and I am in love with the black and gold detailing on it, stunning. In the background you can see one of the green plants that was green then but now is more or less another killed victim, instead of beautiful green leaves it is now sporting curled up dreadlocks... Not that pretty.
My sister and I went to eat the best hamburgers in town at Pipes of Scotland last week end. One should go to pubs more often (*Note to self)

These are some of the tracks that I have added to my playlist this week, enjoy"!

I've been listening to this song every day while taking the walking to uni, but still there is just rain, rain, rain AND rain, rain, rain... all day long

This is my morning tune. And no, it's not the 70s "Do the hustle", or maybe it should be.. could be my new morning exercise routine... the neighbours will love me! haha 

One of the great discoveries this week.

Ending with my favourite this week. It's simply just beautiful.

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