Monday, November 12, 2012

TWI- This Week's Inspiration

Autumn is rather quickly turning into Winter here at Uni. The one thing I miss though is the beautiful colours of the leaves. I guess the cold arrived too quickly so that the leaves just turned yellow, which is quite sad, they are usually the most beautiful this time a year.
So for you who follow me on Twitter and/ or Instagram will already know that I changed my hair this week. I didn't actually know what I wanted to do until I sat in the chair. But the two choices was to either go darker or even more blonde. These two pictures were my main inspiration-pics.

After many hours of thinking it through and talking with my friends I decided to go blonder... Which I at first loved but then after coming home, combing it through I noticed that the lightest highligths were not blending that well with the rest of the hair, - I got tiger stripes. So now I kind of regret, after looking at pictures from last year when I toned it darker, even more, that I did not tone it instead. But you learn from experiences like this and I will call the hairdresser tomorrow to try to get a fix later this week. In the meanwhile I'll wear my hair combed through and flat, I already miss my curls.
Something that is growing on me is the idea of layering necklaces. Layering bracelets has been a thing for a looong time now but layering necklaces is not something that I've seen that much of, at least not in the sense of AW style. However with the right charms this can truly look amazing as well as mixing the sizes, materials, colours and lenghts of the necklaces- Go layer!

This song together with the previous Indigo Home has been the soundtrack of my week. Both of them are just amazing and beautiful, - inspirational.

Dior released their Grand Bal collection last week. If I had the money I would def. invest in some of their lipsticks and nail-polishes. But right now there are so many things I want and I'm trying to go through all of the things I have and changing some of it. This month has been all about my hair care routine and I have changed the majority of into paraben, silicon and sulphate free products. I'll make a haul post on that latro.
This picture is just so stunning that I had to include it in this post. Truly inspirational.

My latest laugh I got from this picture, haha * Note to self* One should try to laugh more! 
Lots of love, x S.

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