Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My 4 main christmas sale finds

Before falling asleep I thought of posting and updating you on what I've purchased during the Christmas sale. As usual I end up ordering more than I should but the ones above I consider my top 4. The first two are from Zara and I've been eyeing that shopper bag for quite some time now. My old school bags are all long over due and should have been retired a long time ago! This will be one of my future everyday staples and to judge from my previous experiences with Zara bags this one will last me a long time. The dress was thrown in there because of the Aztech print and the loose fit, perfect for spring and winter, adding on some black tights and ankle boots, and the bag of course. The other two pieces of the cake are from Nelly. The sweater is a mohair blend and looks soo cozy that I simply could not resist, perfect for cold and rainy nights like this. Last but not least the earings are a great statement piece to top of any outfit, hopefully it will top of the one I've planned for New Year's. Hope you are all having a lovely Christmas with your loved ones! Now I'm off to bed, ho ho and xo S.

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