Sunday, April 07, 2013

Spring cleaning and an organized mind

I was taking this lovely rainy Sunday to reorganize and spring clean my laptop and came accross Makeupsavvy's free desktop backgrounds. I fell in love with the idea and layout but unfortunately the quality did not show up that great on my screen. So I went a head and created my own, which I am sharing with you guys, cause who does not like an organized computer? Especially when you are a blogger and a (too) happy right-click-saver with xxx "new" folders and an overpacked desktop with "saved pictures"crowding the real background picture... Needless to say, it was time for some organizing! Especially with my intership in full swing and exams slowly creeping up. If you are not a blogger or would just like your own headings, please feel free to use the base layout I have created (open it in ex. Picasa to add headings etc). Have fun organizing! xo S.



 Ps. right-click- show image- then save.

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