Sunday, May 19, 2013

The new vs the old Céline Audrey

So I have been debating whether to get the Miu Miu Noirs or the Large Céline Audrey sunnies... And I think I have reached to a conclusion that the Céline Audreys will be my final choice, but then I have got another problem.. should I go for the new, which are more square, or the old Céline Audreys, which are more round and more cat-eyed than the new ones? Since I have a very (very) round face it might be a good idea to get the new ones? But then again I love the whole cat-eye effect of the old ones... And then I start to think of the Miu Miu Noirs again... maybe they are a better fit after all? More expensive, yes! But I love the shape and the chic design of the Noirs, and they come in like every colour too, which is another problem for me to conquer... I'm like the worst person to go shopping with because I'll tell you to get eeeverything (because my friends always look good in anything they put on, always, how is that?) and I'll be standing for an hour before I can finally pick between Beige or Tan? haha Maybe that is why my parents never took me to IKEA as a child? They knew it would take weeks, maybe months, to get me out of there... In second thought they actually took me there ONCE, and they made me pick colour, of the desk and drawer, beforehand.

And hypothetically if I'd buy the new Céline Audrey, should I get the dark havana/tort (picture up-left corner) or the normal havana/ tort color (up-right corner), hmm.. Sooo many choices... but I'm happy that I have decided to get the Céline Audreys, which is a classic just like the real Audrey herself. I personally think that I might grow tired of the Miu Miu Noirs cause they are very out there and "stylish", unique in there own sence. But I am quite certain I will buy them in a near future (been wanting them for 2 years now). If I can find them in Rome next time I might not be able to keep my fingers away from them. We'll see, which ones would you pick? The new or the old Céline Audrey, or maybe even the Miu Miu Noir? x S.

Just another note for you who are looking into buying the New or old Céline Audrey Sunnies here are the codes: New: 41805, Old: 41755.

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