Sunday, June 02, 2013

Exam frustration and online shopping

Frustration resulted in a Zara purchase and a camera put into the shopping bag (still left in resting-mode). The reason as to why I want to buy a new camera is because I want to upgrade my compact camera (which is a very old Nikon one) as well as wanting a more portable option to my DSLR. The one I'm looking into buying is the Sony Nex 3n (or 5r, that's the question) because of the great image quality as well as the HD recording properties. So while admiring the continue to check-out button I'm going to endulge in a big cup of coffee and some more review videos on youtube, DigitalRev Tv is my favourite, hilarious and educational at the same time. Hope you're all having a great weekend :) x S.

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