Friday, June 21, 2013

International PersunMall Giveaway

Hello lovely readers! In just a few hours I'm off to celebrate Midsummer's eve with my friends, doing a solid this year- rented cottage (middle of nowhere) near a lake, headpiece-making- a must! and doing the froggy dance around the pole (not that kind of pole)... All I have left is the packing, which I should have done yesterday, but that's another story. Anyway (rambling on as usual) before I leave I just wanted to share this giveaway with you! Who can say no to free jewelry? AND they are picking one winner from every 30 participants= Great chance to win! So what are you waiting for? Feel free to tell me, which one is your favourite in the comments. Mine is number 2 and 6, which both had been perfect together with my Midsummer's dress and headpiece. Good luck and I wish you all a happy and sunny Midsummer's eve! xo S.

Giveaway requirements
1. Register at
2. Like their Facebook page:
3. Leave a comment stating the registered email (the one you registered on, name, and the link to the item that you would like.

1. Exquisite Flowers Ring
2. White Rose Ring
3. Punk Rhinestone Bracelet
4. Stylish Spider Pendent Necklace
5. Europe Retro Rhinestone Link Bracelet
6. Elegant Big Gem Ring
7. Stylish and Simple Bracelet
8. Stunning Summer Necklace

Feel free to share this giveaway through your social networks and spread the word to your friends! The winners will be announced and contacted by PersunMall on the 25th of June and remember, one winner out of every 30 participants! If you don't win you still have the 20% off code, which could be used on a new bag (love their bags!) or a new dress maybe? Good luck!

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