Friday, July 19, 2013

Sunnies from Boss Orange

So, you all know I was on the hunt for the New edition of the Celine Audrey sunglasses. I did find them, tried them on and was disappointed. I know my face is football-round and apparently it's also too round for the Celine Audrey, or I might just have a too small- round face... None the less I did not like them on me, I felt like they were too cat-eyed for my face. So I tried on a number of different shades till the adviser picked these for me, which I obviously really liked. They are kind of a mix of an oversized wayfarer/ slightly cat-eye model, still very timeless and ladylike, which was what I was going for in the first place and if I'm not totally wrong I think these sunglasses fill both of those blanks. At least I hope I wont be standing in front of the mirror next year jaw-dopping and thinking "What was I thinking wearing these?!" i.e. wtf. Cause that has happened too many times before and the funniest part about it, I truly felt super duper hot wearing the item in question, the year before so YUP... Hopefully they are that kind of timeless!  x S.

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