Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swedish summer days


After working full time I'm now enjoying my summer vacay on the sunny west coast. Except sun I have been spending some major quality time with the family and some of my old friends I have here, back home. I guess the summers are the time where you can gather all of the things you wished you'd done during the passed year, especially reconnecting with old friends, spending whole days outside, forgetting time, getting tanned, driving along the coast line, top down and base on, filling your soul with memories to remember.

Last Sunday I went with Bx to B-town, post-Swedish Open final. We walked around, ate a burger in the harbor and walked around some more. I was really surprized how few people that was still there. Past years it's been kind of impossible to even drive in to the city so I guess we were lucky and it was kind of nice just to be able to walk around, no stress, instead of being pushed from left to right.

That same weekend I spent a lovely, sunny day at my dad's uncle's summer house in the old woods of Småland. It's so beautiful there, so different from living near the sea but still the same feeling, maybe even more so, of peace and calm.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer! I'm gonna go put on my new sunnies (post- coming up later today) and go out to enjoy the sunshine. x.S.

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