Friday, September 27, 2013

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Before using any make up I prep my face with some Decléor day cream which smells amazing and sinks in to the skin like no other.  After that I spritz my face with the Dermalogica multi-active toner and a great tip is to spray it on the brush as well before applying, in this case, the moisture tint from Jouer. I find that it leaves a smoother and more natural and glowy finish to the base as well as hydrating the skin. My favourite perfume at the moment is Hippy Fizz by Moschino- Citrusy delisiousness.
After prepping my face with some moisture I start of using the concealer from Face Stockholm called the Magic Wand. To blend the concealer I use the Stippling Brush from Real Techniques (Love!). I then use the same brush for applying the Jouer moisture tints (I mix 50/50- matte and luminizing). I promised to do a review on them a long time ago so I thought of just mentioning what my thoughts are so here we go:

JOUER- Matte Moisture Tint (Porcelain): I find this to be very drying on my skin and compared to others who say this gives a matte but still glowy finish, I'd say this looks pretty straight on matte-matte on me. I don't like using this on its own cause it dries out my skin like crazy (eventhough it says moisturizing on the tube?). I would not call this moisturizing at all cause I feel the opposite when using it and I don't find the matte-matte look to be very flattering on my skin. With that said, I don't hate this product I actually use it daily and mixed in with the Luminizing Moisture Tint it creates the perfect, glowy/dewy/semi-matte finish with perfect coverage. 

JOUER- Luminizing Moisture Tint (Golden): I love using this one, both mixed in with the Matte and on its own. It does not have the same coverage as the Matte, instead it gives a more sheer coverage but still satisfying, at least to my standards. It gives a very nice, beautiful even, glow to the skin, a glow from within type of glow. I loved using this during the summer when spending the majority of the days outside in the sun (it has SPF 15) cause it gives that your skin but better-look as well as giving moisture to the skin. Another factor to why I mix the two Moisture tints is because I have them in two completely different shades. Golden is my summer shade and Porcelain is more of my winter shade so mixing them together gives me, my needed coverage for the day (which is great if I have a bad skin- one) and I'm able to create the perfect shade for my skintone.

So my conclusion is that if you have dry skin like me, go for the Luminizing Moisture Tint if you are only choosing one. If you have the money to splurge on both I'd do that or do as I did buy the full size in one of them and then buy the minis in the other. Regardless if you have dry skin or not I think this creates the most beautiful base. If you have very oily skin on the other hand I'd recommend the Matte Moisture Tint (after doing some research) cause it really stays matte and keeps the oils in check and it might look more dewy and glowy on you than it appears on my skin.

To fill in my brows I use Isadora Eyebrow pencil in Dark brown and for cheeks I use Coralista from Benefit. I absolutely love this blush! When using this there is no need for highlighter, it's just so beautiful, smells amazing and gives you the most amazing peachy-rose glow.

Moving on to the eyes... I recently bought the Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h after hearing the raving reviews and critics saying it is one of the best on the market. This eyeliner glides on like a dream and stays on all day- no smudging! It is for sure the best one that I've ever used! To apply it I use the Arced Eye liner brush from Smashbox, which I find makes the whole ordeal much easier then using a normal eyeliner brush, because of the given angle of the brush. My all time favourite eyeshadow palette comes from Dr. Hanuschka and my oh my this one is a dream to use! The shadows are silky, very pigmented and Matte! I'm just in love with this one which will probably last me a very long time, because a little goes a long way with these shadows. The mascara and the inliner I think is given so moving on the lips, I use Fairest Nude from L'oreal which is the perfect shade of pink-nude- for everyday and any look. 

I wore this look both yesterday and today so here you go! 

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