Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Känsla Of Sweden

The time moves so fast... I'm currently in the middle of writing my BA Thesis, which is taking up all of my time atm. In the middle of all the stress I received a lovely box with goodies from the Swedish company Känsla Of Sweden. I just love their necklaces, pearls or leather- you choose, they are so smart looking and functional in various ways.  They also contribute with less stress in the morning cause I constantly loose my phone xx times every morning and I always forget to bring my money on the counter for coffee at Uni (which results in a very tired Sara). Along with the necklace there is also a small kit with attachments for your keys, mobile phone and glasses (or you can just hook them directly to the ring). The necklaces are all handmade and I find the quality to be great! I got two leather necklaces, with matching mobile cases, one in light blue and one in white, which I think goes well with everything! Attaching the phone case to the necklace makes it the perfect accessory for a girls night out, you've got place for your phone, ID and creditcard and that is all you need really.

For all of you, my lovely readers and friends I managed to get a Discount code/ Voucher code. When using: Saraicg30 you will receive 30% off on your order. Happy shopping! x S.

Känsla Of Sweden: www.kansla.com

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