Sunday, September 08, 2013

No-Heat Headband Twist Curls

Before going to bed last night I did this super- easy (!) Headband twist updo (the more you twist, the more defined curls you'll get) and today I woke up with more controlled (than usual, cause I'm very curly naturally) curls. Since I've just moved and my apartment is still in a total mess I could not find a headband but used a normal cord (shoe-lace actually, if your desperate you're desperate) and tied it in the front. I'd actually recommend to use a cord instead cause it can get quite tangly and messy when you are trying to get the headband out, if you use something to tie in the front you can just pull it out directly. I'm actually thinking of wearing the half-updo version of this at the wedding next weekend, but with a crystal headband, not a shoe-lace tied in the front, haha that would have been something wouldn't it? x S.


  1. Nice Hairstyle !

    1. Thank you for your comment! Happy you like it! It's soo quick and easy as well! x S.


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