Friday, September 06, 2013

The Sun Is Out!

Recently I have been listening to Josh Osho's L.I.F.E. album and it is really good! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I find (to me-)new music and especially good new music. Today, like any of the other days this week, I'm going to move everything around in the new apartment, explore my hidden wardrobe treasures, cause now when I've moved and have to put everything in to my new wardrobe, I'm actually able to see what is in there. Perfect since I'm attending a wedding later this month (my first friend-in-my-own-age-wedding?!- crazy) and so far I have found xx of black dresses in my collection (It's now you remind yourself of that time (times?) in the shop when you asked yourself; Is it really necessary to buy this black dress when I have like 10 VERY similar looking at home? Well apparently the answer was; Yes! You can never have too many LBDs? Or can you?). As far I have nothing in an appropriate color, or lenght for that matter, to wear for the wedding... 5 boxes left. x S.

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