Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Perfect Imperfections

I suspect that you all have noticed the great amount of music that has been posted to this blog lately. The reason behind this is that I've been so overwhelmed and inspired by all the amazing music that has been released recently. From 78Violet's new music (feels like I've waited forever for that one to happen...) to Fall Out Boy and further on to John Legend's new album... simply precious! Finding new music or in this case finding new music from some of my all time favourite artists is such a liberating feeling. For me it feels like I start beathing again but to a new beat. It sort of marks a new beginning for me because I put a lot of my emotions into the music I listen to, and therefore a lot of memories as well. John Legend's music especially. Personally I think he has one of the most beautiful voices and his new album & this music video is just... simply stunning! x S.

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