Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deadline Madness

It truly is deadline madness over here! Writing my thesis is fun but oh boy so time consuming and even more so it cumsumes your whole mind. I feel like a walking zombie at the moment, but then again I probably look like one cause where I live we have not seen the sun in days, only rain in the waiting for it turn into snow, but well that did not happen either. So except starting to fill my Christmas playlist I have been listening to Phillip Phillips new album- Amazeballz (Yes, that is what I would name it!), thank you Emilia for the heads up! Some of my favourite songs so far are, Wanted is love, Get up get down and the one above; Where we came from.

Anyone who has a good Christmas playlist or songs to share? If so please leave a link/ name in the comments :) x S.

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