Saturday, December 07, 2013

Winter Favorite for Dry Skin

This past month I've had major problems with my skin because of how dry it has become. I have tried multiple moisturizers and serums but nothing seemed to really help my dry skin. So I turned to the Internet to find a solution and that is when I stumbled accross a blog post from one of my favorite destinations; Into The Gloss, about the best moisturizers under $40 (Bingo!). After doing some more research, reading reviews and checking availability in Sweden, I decided on the Avène- Skin Recovery Cream. To make a long story short; This could actually be the best moisturizers I have ever used and it seems to be a perfect match for my skin! Humongous Yay! 

"This moisturizer is THE moisturizer; it's like a cosy blanket for your face. Absolutely non greasy (even for mixed skin), it's just the perfect hydration and quench for your tired skin (summer and winter!) When I get to bed with it, my skin says thanks you." 
- Into The Gloss

The Avène Skin Recovery Cream is quite thick but it sinks into the skin like no other. It leaves a really nice glow and radiance to the face without making it look overly shiny or oily, but then again I do have very dry skin. I use it as a day cream but for people with normal to oily skin this might be more suitable as a over night treatment, or so I have heard. Considering the price and how much it has helped me, I would definitely recommend it, dry skin or dull skin, this could be worth a try, as a treatment or day cream.

I bought mine when it was on offer for 79 kr (!) (originally, 199 kr) at (link to the product). However it is currently on offer, 20% discount on all Avène products, at

Here is the link to the post from Into The Gloss (prepare to lose an hour or two). x S.

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