Thursday, January 09, 2014

Favourite Youtubers 2013

*As the Youtube nerd that I am I just had to share my favourites of 2013 with you guys. I have quite a list but I decided to share my top two (three) with you.*

First: Claire Marshall, this chic is soo cool! She has a cat named Bruce Lee, and I who don't even like cats that much is sold on this cat. Bruce is just as cool as she is. It all just goes together so well, her style, her cat, how she decorates and lives (in LA ofc). I just love her videos because they stand out from the rest whether it's because of the music she includes or in the way it's filmed, it's just all unique, cool and so her! She also seems to be very down to earth, real and true which make me relate. Third on the list is her best friends @annaleeandjesse Mr and Mrs Photographer and Hairstylist!

Second first place: Carly Cristman, this girl is such an inspiration and down to earth. Her interior decorating skills are impeckable and her best friend Michael is Hilarious!! Those two together when doing their He says, she says make me laugh with tears in my eyes! She makes videos that I really enjoy watching (proof. no parallell candy crushing) and they always make me inspired, up beat and reminding me to chase my dreams and goals in life (but in the context of the posted video this might sound weird... just realized, haha).

Enjoy! x S.

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