Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Home away from home

One of the many pictures I took

Today I went back to Uni after spending 5 days on the west coast enjoying time with my family, friends, walks on the beach and my skis. I've never stood on a pair before, now I have, eventhough I have a huge fear of landing on my bum because of my broken tail bone, God it hurts! Regardless I think I might be spending a lot more time on skis this year, I can only imagine the amazing feeling flying (hopefully not falling) down the Alpes. Before that though I have to learn how to really break... "stabbing myself in the stomach with the poles"- instant break, might not work in more steep hills... so far I have only made some tracks in our hilly garden.*i.e I'm a work in progress*

I've stopped using Spotify for a while in search for more independent indie and folk music on Soundcloud but instead I have found a new love for remixes and edits. The two above are my current favourites and will be perfect while cruising around in the roadster, with my Raybans on, this summer. *Playlist in progress* x S.

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