Thursday, January 09, 2014

New Year, New Rituals

I did not manage to go 1 day into the new year until I got a new obsession and this time it's simply not regarding just one thing (oh no!) it's an entire brand I'm obsessed with (obsessed sounds like such bad word?). Namingly the brand Rituals. I bought one of those try me kits that were in the Christmas sale and while in the store I could feel something clicking, like I had found my shopping- happy place (if there is such a place?). The music, the smell, the polite and relaxed atmosphere, everything clicked. Thankfully I got out of there with the help of a little self control and a push from one of my best friends but with a little less money in my pocket (thank you everyone for my christmas money!). So what is it that spiked the Rituals obsession for me? Well, except the whole in store experience I have loved all of the products that were included in the kit that I bought, the Laughing Buddha kit (don't you just love the name?). I have heard and read about the brand before and thought the products were going to be über expensive, which some of them kind of are but the kits were all very affordable and I rarely like everything in a kit, so this was a first!

I do not have my camera with me at this moment (took it home for Christmas- no battery... was going to bring it to uni where I have the charger- forgot it... sigh*) so meanwhile you will have to enjoy my google-mash-up of pictures of all my new rituals ;)

So here are some more reasons why I love Rituals (the products I have gotten so far): 1. All of the products in the laughing Buddha kit smells AH-mazing! And yes I love everything citrusy but sometimes brands really miss on combining citrusy and fresh or at least maintaining that balance. 2. The most outstanding products in the kit, even though I love all of them, is the shower gel- which foams like no other, I honestly got a shock in the shower, and the body cream is just thick, creamy- yum for the body! Another product that I bought in a whim before checking out was the Qi Gong deoderant and I think I have found my ultimate deo! It's fresh kind of sweet but it keeps you smelling good all day, and the morning after too! If I were to describe the smell it's a mix of; Powdery green floral and fresh Alpine air (?) I personally do not want a too heavily fragranced deo, because I usually wear perfume and this one makes you smell and feel fresh without dominating over the perfume or body spray, two thumbs up!

The second time around (yes I went there twice, this time with my second victim- mom, sorry mom...) I ended up buying my beautiful oil burner, a set of 4 teas and a full-size deo. I tried the oil burner for the first time with oil that I bought earlier today (3 for 29 kr at the Indiska sale- unbeatable!). To be honest I wanted the oil burner because of the simple and chic design and the fact that I'm trying to be more harmonic or at least trying to achieve a more balanced and harmonic lifestyle with a mix of Yoga, living day by day with less coffee and more tea. Well that did not really justify it but any way... haha 2014 will hopefully be a successful and harmonic year for me. My Bachelor thesis is already done so what's left is to enjoy my more creative courses for the Spring and pick up the pieces from my old courses, e.g. the exams (yaye...)

Right now I think I might have put a bit too much oil into the oil burner because my whole apartment smells like a citrus party... oh well.

If you have mastered through my whole Rituals ramble I want to wish you and I hope that you already have had a great start on the new year! Thank you all for the support last year and I hope you will follow my journey into 2014! xoxo Sara Inga Catrin.

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored in any way, just my own true experience and thoughts about the products I have bought so far.

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