Wednesday, March 19, 2014

K.Walker's Helter Skelter on a budget

Lindex just released their collaboration with Kate Hudson, which is pretty much sold out already. So while feeling a bit down I came across these Karen Walker, dare I say copies? While they are not an exact copy of the Helter Skelter model they are, what I think, a mix between the Harvest and the Helter Skelter. Really affordable too, which is a big plus. I always buy new sunglasses for the spring/ summer season and I was really close to buy the Helter Skelters last year, while debating getting the Céline ones (which did not fit my face shape at all). However I ended up buying these instead, that I still love! This year though, I might just get the ones from Lindex cause I love the whole retro feel and while at it I'll save some money to invest in an adventure, win-win! x S.

Link to the Lindex sunnies: here!

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