Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life changing with a dash of sunshine

The "Life changing bread"

Impressionism inspiration overload, I had to try it!

First lunch in the sunshine with my homie bx

The sunshine has finally reached the north! I have had almost 2 amazing weeks at home on the west coast. But now I'm back at Uni and indulging in exam notes and assignment hand-ins. Nothing of that really matters though cause the sunshine is for me enough to keep my spring happiness sparking inside, an endless source of happiness. One big plus is that now I can finally sit outside and study, with blankets and hot tea but still.

Before leaving for Uni I managed to make the "life changing bread" above. So SO easy to make (!) and the recipe can be found here! It truly is amazing and I, only two days in, feel more balanced, light and excited every morning for breakfast. The bread is both Vegan and Gluten free (even though I'm non of it) my brother calls it the hippie loaf... cause that is how he sees me, haha. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine! x S.

Quote of the day: "Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway."

 -Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. lovely post! i wanna eat the food in the last pic!

    from helen at

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  2. Alltså nomnom på sista bildem och sen love the quote!


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