Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stranded Beauty

My life right now is circling around school and work, fun fun fun! Though right now I'm spending my time at my parents' house near the sea. It's where I grew up, playing in the sand, feeling the ocean breeze, feeling joy, feeling peace. It's been a stormy few days with lots of rain so for the most part I've been stranded on the couch, watching bad tv and eating too much carbs and drinking hot coco. Today we finally had a day without rain (so far) so me and sis went down to walk our usual 4.2 km on the beach. As long as I've lived here (22 years) I don't think I've ever seen a starfish at the beach, let alone 3 and bigger than my hand?! I love the ocean, I love the mystery of it, even more so when you get a glimps of what it keeps. x S.

And I was singing this the whole walk... the whole 4.2 km of it... my sister wanted to kill me, haha


  1. you HAVE to take pictures of you wearing your new sunnies! i loved the kw helter skelter sunnies, but they sold out so quickly, so knoch-offs are great.
    i miss the ocean and the photo of the horses makes me miss horse riding as well..

  2. Oh you are so lucky.Living by the sea must be so beautiful. Lots of love from Munich,Elisa

  3. otroligt fina bilder tjejen! svar: gör det! stort tips :)

  4. Så fina bilder!
    är den sjöstjärnan uttorkad eller är den bara så?

  5. sv: ja det var det :) måste tipsa om en restaurang som hette barraquda, det var sjukt god kyckling med krämig citronsås där haha :P

  6. sv: Tack så mycket, vad glad jag blir! Jag älskar Mumin!!! Hoppas att du haft en superfin helg :)


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