Friday, May 23, 2014

Antipasti please

One of the views from the many different balconies during my Italian travels.
One of the many lunch turned dinner moments
Days like these that are hot, humid and packed with stress related to hand-ins and exams I close my eyes and wander back to the good old times in Italy. The thing I miss the most except the people and the Italian air (if that makes any sense?) is the pizza! The one I'm thinking about comes from, as we call it, the hole in the wall in Latina, cause that is literally what it is, a hole in the wall that produces the best Pizza Margherita you'll ever taste! It is the first and the last place we visit every time. What I like the most with the food in Italy, except the obvious, is the time you spend eating it. I think our current record is around 8 hours... sitting, talking, drinking and tasting amazing food. Sadly, when I open my eyes again, my current fridge balance of a half pack of feta cheese, raspberry yoghurt and some carrots wont add up to my now very big Margherita craving... I'll have to go do some Yoga for that. x S.


  1. such a dreamy place, and the food looks really good

    1. The food was amazing, it truly is the dreamiest of places, that I've ever visited :)

  2. That looks like heaven on earth. That view... that plate.... i am just dying to go to Italy!!

    xx Hélène

    1. It sure is a beautiful country in many ways, I'd say very close to heaven on earth! :) Can't wait to go back, hopefully this fall if not sooner :)

      xx Sara


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