Friday, October 17, 2014

3 on-the-go

Last weekend was spent in Lübeck and the timing for a relaxing weekend away could not have been better! We literally left autumn back home and went back to spring cause the weather in the city was superb... until the day we were leaving. So happy, fuzzy, wam inside and out, I burst out of my no-shopping bubble. But more about that in another post (coming up). The 3 things above are also recent additions, that I keep in my bag on the go.

The baby lips I guess is quite obvious, it's a season must regardless. The mini book is where I put and keep all my thoughts and ideas on-the-go (great tip). The key chain is the most recent purchase of the three, haven't really gotten around wether to put it on or keep it in my bag... guess it depends on the bag but for now it's kept in my bag holding my keys.

What's your most recent purchase? x S.

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