Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 things lately

What happened with the image quality?!?
1. Because of the very Swedish schizo weather (hello poodley fluff) I've been using a BB cream for the ends of my hair (applied in towel dried hair & then let it air dry) to make the whole less frizzy and more managable, with a little texture spray mixed in as a combo it's perf for a hair out- day out-day! 

2. Two weeks ago I went to London with my girls to shop and eat away in the city. I had a long list of products that I wanted to get and I ended up mostly buying beauty products (Hourglass, finally!!) and tea (at Harrods). I also got a really beautiful illustrated print by Alice Tait that I love! She's done work for The times, Chanel and Vogue in the past. 

Last Christmas I went through a vinyl-phase and this year is no different. I'm currently crushing (majorly) on the Crosley Cruiser designs. Though there are less attractive options out there that are known to be of better quality and for a cheaper price... Dilemma... The Crosley one in turquoise is so pretty though... But one thing I'm sure of is that I can't wait to start my own vinyl collection (currently at 1) regardless of which turntable I'll choose in the end, x S.

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