Saturday, December 13, 2014

Crosley CR40 mini turntable

So I lost one of the auctions on Tradera (Swedish ebay) this week cause I was folding paper snowflakes with the kids (made a killer Batman one). That turntable would have been a dream to "win" but right now I don't really need a too complicated and lux turntable, I just want one that I can plug in, use and enjoy. I did not give up though, and I was sooo close to make another bid at Tradera this morning when I saw one of the new adds... A Crosley CR40 turntable, in the box- brand new and for a third of the price?! Too good to be true? Well, we'll have to see, but so far so good with the seller and everything. He still has 4 left if anyone else is interested (here)? I can't wait to set it up and start playing! Someone else who has this turntable? I read some reviews and it seems like this is supposed to be a better version of the Crosley Cruiser as far as sound quality and reliability goes. I personally think that the Crosley Cruiser is more clean looking and prettier, but you can't always get everything... Merry Christmas to myself from myself! x S.


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    1. I think so too! It's a great little turntable. I plugged it in to my speakers the other day and I just got good things to say so far, x S.


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