Saturday, January 03, 2015

An Icelandic adventure

As I mentioned in my previous post my sister and I gave our mother an Icelandic horse riding experience for Christmas. She's never gone horseback riding before and we were all full of excitement, starting the day with a 1,5 h drive to our destination.

When arriving we got to cuddle and get to know our horses before heading off into the woods. My horse for the day was pretty Sonja.

After riding through the woods we jumped off our horses, letting them rest while we got hot coffee and sandwishes to eat in this beautiful frosty meadow.

Icelandic horses have the cutest fluffy ears! 

We had a beautiful day and we could not have wished for better weather! After days with rain and snow, we enjoyed the day with warming sunshine and beautiful frosty landscapes! It was so nice to share this with my sister and mom, especially with our mom that has been dreaming and talking about wanting to go horseback ridning for so long! I personally can't wait to get back up in the saddle in spring 2015! Maybe I should make it a weekly thing? x S.

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  1. An Icelandic horse riding experience? This sounds like the best gift ever! I was in Iceland back in May last year and I got to see the horses but didn't enough time to ride :( xx


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